Align with your authentic nature for holistic health and well-being.

Many of us are out of alignment with who we are due to conditioning from outside sources, poor habits, lack of self-awareness, and numb to a higher perspective and the ability to connect back to joy. We give our power away to the outside when the power is within us. It is our God given nature. We just forgot.

I help individuals get back to living life in the present and on their personal best path by unraveling the yuck that keeps one stuck and replacing it with nourishing fun for the mind, body and soul where they thrive. I help support proper self-care and a healthy mindset through self-exploration and adventures that evoke creativity, spiritual awareness, movement, conscious eating, nature and laughter for a few. I call it "mindful fun". 

I guide people to explore, to express, to be accountable and to nourish what makes their light shine. Exploration and adventure are key to rewriting your story from an unhealthy one to a healthy one, nourishing a holistic healthy mindful mindset with skills and tools to maintain a more consistent level of self awareness connected to your inner guide.


Get realigned and Master You!

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