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"What is life, but one grand adventure."
- Unknown

Adventures are the soul of life! There are opportunities every day to add value to your life's experience when you live with awareness that life is an adventure for the development of your BEing. Get out of your head and into the experience of life and in doing so, your purpose and life fulfilled! 


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Soulistic Women's Circle

Gatherings to support rooting into our authentic nature and to stay on our path to live with joy being expressing our purpose.

Join Soulistic Adventures MeetUp Group to receive meeting updates.

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Soulistic Adventures
MeetUp Group for Awakened Women on a path to live their authentic nature!

Join this group for both in person and online meetups for personal growth, fun, and adventure.

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The FeatherLight Sisterhood

Join the Private Facebook Group, The FeatherLight Sisterhood and connect with like-minded women for support, fun, inspiration, tips, and trainings to stay on the awakened path to our authentic self.

Have questions,  Contact me today!


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