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Express Yourself

Humor & Movement


Letting yourself go is a freeing experience. No one is perfect and it's healthy to have a good sense of humor about life and your humanness. Life can be hard enough. Be YOU in all your quirky life moments and don't be afraid to show your vulnerabilities, strengths, good moments and bad moments. That's life! What a wonderful "moving" picture, you are.


Have fun enjoying your Soulistic Adventure! Allow me to inspire you by sharing a few of mine....

Ankle Surgery
Get out!
Sculpture Pose
Hunter Mountain Meditation
The tree nose
I'm Spaetzle
Kitty Love
Practice practice!
Tree Wisdom
Linda skate alone 2016
Moody in the Museum
Playing Santa
Mirror Image
Crazy Hair
The Eye Knows
Listening to Guidance
When I was Young
Sunkist by a Flower
Tree Laughing
Clowning Around
Serious Skating
I'm watching you
Spring Crazy
Double Skate
Laugh - You'll Live Longer
I did it!
Ninja Time
Practice, Practice
Help Me!!!!!!!!!
Traffic Jam De-Stress Technique
Having Fun!
Laughing Horse Exercise
Partner Steps
A Little Nutty Sunshine
April 24, 2016
On the Trail
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