Mission & Passion


Soulistic Adventures' mission is to inspire and nurture personal growth, development and self-awareness to create a well world.

To me, life is an adventure - in attitude and perspective as well as exploration. It's through our experiences that we can either decide to be defeated or continue to move forward. I choose to move forward and have a passion to share, inspire and encourage others to do the same.  All you need is a sense of adventure and child-like spirit of fun and curiosity.


My hope is that through these adventures, you begin to regain your inner strength and ability to persevere and be resilient. The healthier in mind, body and spirit we become on an individual basis, the healthier our world will be.

A healthy you = a healthy world.

What We Do

Experience adventures in the form of workshops and classes involving laughter, nature and/or movement. Through these adventures, the goal is to experience many available paths to heal and grow.   Exposure to different paths that are fun, creative, inspiring, and educational helping to build inner strength, resilience and the ability to step out and be YOU.


This is a space where I share my soul through self-expression with a desired outcome to inspire others to do the same; to encourage self-expression, confidence to keep moving forward and the freedom to express YOU.

Workshop Presenter and Speaker
I present workshops and can speak at your event, retreat or office on a wellness topic related to laughter, movement, nature and how the spirit of adventure can help keep individuals moving forward, especially through transitions.

Holistic Health Coaching - Mind/Body/Spirit
I help inspire and motivate others to keep moving forward.

Creative Wellness Program Consulting

Desire to offer or develop creative wellness programs for your organization or company?  I can help brainstorm based upon your budget, needs, goals to develop unique and fun programs to keep your employees healthy, happy and engaged.

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