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Soulistic Adventures' mission is to inspire, encourage and support individuals to explore their own inner world by offering opportunities to experience creative, healing and fun programs that stimulate self-awareness and provide pathways to connect to and express feelings as a way to identify with their true self.


Soulistic Adventures' vision is to inspire and nurture personal growth, development and self-awareness of individuals to help create and uplift a more conscious world in all aspects and areas of life.


To me, life is an adventure full of opportunities to learn and grow. With an open and curious mindset, life becomes more fun, exciting, engaging and rewarding. Through this view, a healthy perspective is developed and resiliency strengthened. More wisdom, compassion and love experienced. A life of discovery increases personal awareness. It helps heal past wounds and gain insights personally and into the world around us. Exploration leads to personal growth and opportunities to add value to the world as a whole. When we grow, the world grows. When we heal, the world heals. It's a ripple affect. To raise the vibration of the world, we have to work on raising the vibration with ourselves.

A healthy you = a healthy world.

My Vision Board that created Soulistic Adventures.

Mindmapping to help strategize ideas.

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