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Align with Your Authentic Nature

Our mission is to be an uplifting positive force in the midst of transitional times by providing opportunities to regain health, happiness and well-being through mindful fun experiences that support and foster self-awareness, healing and growth.


Exploration, movement, nature, laughter, creativity, and adventures nurture the path back to one's authentic nature. A fun yet meaningful way to connecting back to one's heart and what ignites one's soul to define purpose and to build resiliency towards challenges and loss of direction that comes with change.


Our vision is to help transform the way we work and live to be in alignment with who we are and in support of the well-being and highest good of all life on our planet.

Vision Board that ignited Soulistic Adventures in 2012

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass



To me, we are here to learn and to eventually awaken to our authentic nature which is connected to all of life. We are not separate. We can't be. Nor are we alone. That kind of thinking and matching behavior only destroys, separates and divides. Just look at history. We've had and continue to have hard lessons because, well, we haven't learned.

When I look around at our Earth's natural beauty and spend time in nature connecting to peace where I can easily listen to my Creator, I sense the possibility of something totally different. There is abundance and beauty here for everyone! So, why are we all having a different experience?

This question can be an endless and timeless discussion. But do we have the time?


The news and media is not our only source of information. Our heart and souls are. What we sense. Our conversations with our neighbors, families and friends. On any given day, there is something atrocious happening in our world, yet when we step out into nature on a beautiful day, we are reminded of how much beauty there is and ponder at the same time, how sad we are all disconnected to it with such disregard to how much it gives us and is connected to us. Numbing ourselves out trying to attach ourselves to the old paradigm of "shopping therapy", "success therapy", "vacation therapy",  "substance therapy" as if any of these things will create the change we really need to become within ourselves in order to stop this madness.


Whether we like it or not, we are all in the middle of collective disharmony and we are in a "wake up" moment all over the world. There's nothing woo woo about it. We can either pay attention or numb out. The path is forward, not backwards. Our mindsets and supporting behaviors from our past and current day is what got us here, no? It is the definition of sanity to repeat the same and expect something different.


It's time that we all truly align with our authentic nature, and not only that, but to also have the courage to be a part of the change. It is a collective effort. It is our responsibility to take action. Some call it Sacred Activism. Another term used today to describe awareness is called Christ Consciousness which is described as an awareness of the higher self as part of a universal system. Although it can be interpreted in a number of ways, a common understanding is that Christ Consciousness is the state of consciousness in which a person has found self-realization and unity with God or the Divine. That, to me, is true alignment. 


Perhaps this has been the missing understanding throughout the ages wherein religions have also played a part in separation rather than connection. As there are many grains of sands and no snowflake is alike, we are many and neither are we the same. We shouldn't be afraid of our differences, but celebrate all of our unique gifts, the way we look and our wisdom from every part of the world. Our collective wisdom from within. The outside - how we look and how we express it, are gifts and we are all needed. We all matter.

Soulisitic Adventures is my expression in doing my part of Sacred Activism. I can't wait for perfection anymore or beat myself up for not feeling good enough, ready or whatever my negative voice says. I'm just doing it! Throwing my efforts out there - my way - while I, too, keep aligning with my own authentic nature! By being my authentic nature and helping others do the same, I hope to inspire others to do so as well. This is not a one person call to action. It is also not a dress rehearsal. We can all band together to uplift our world to move it in a healthy direction as int continues to move through unknown transitional territory we are living in. 


I invite you to participate, collaborate and partner with me; and one day work for me! Come experience your own Soulistic Adventure that connects you to your authentic nature and let's do this TOGETHER


To the adventure of our lives! 

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Note from Linda
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