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for healing, discovery and expression

Bored? Stuck? Frustrated? Curious? Need purpose and meaning? 

Not learning or experiencing something new can become a real drag - boring! Being stuck in pain is not fun. That is why movement and exploration is essential to life. 


Through physical movement, we create, express, heal, discover, learn and move forward. I offer periodic classes and workshops to help you move forward with physical movement that puts you in the flow of mindful fun!

Soulistic Nia Dance
More than a workout, Nia is holistic fitness set to empowering music that feeds your body, focuses your mind, stirs your emotions and uplifts your soul. Experience a fusion of energy styles 


  • Periodic group classes and/or workshops

  • Personal instruction/private movement 

    Current Events



Expression and exploration to learn, evolve and appreciate the value and celebrate the beauty of life and the many varieties yet similarities we share. Exploring and being exposed to topics allows us to learn, understand and connect critical thinking to thoughts and ideas so that it inspires positive movement - be it creative expression or action to resolve an issue. We explore and experience subjects of interest and relevant topics to help us grow and become better human beings and stewards protecting our beautiful planet and those who live in it with highest intentions for the common good. Topics can include creative arts, healing modalities, spiritual exploration, social issues, environmental awareness, food and cultures, to name a few.  



  • Excursions - Local and Long Distance

  • Guest Experts/Speakers

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