Guiding pathways to the root of authentic self and purpose.


Many of us are out of alignment with who we are due to conditioning from outside sources, poor habits, lack of self-awareness, and numb to a higher perspective and the ability to connect back to joy. We give our power away to the outside when the power is within us. It is our God given nature. We just forgot.

I help individuals reconnect to themselves by reconnecting to nature. Nature is authentic and it helps us to relax back into our own authentic self once again. Because nature has no ego, there is no ulterior agenda or motive other than to BE. It's by taking the time to immerse one self back into nature and the BEing that we begin to allow ourselves to BE. There is great wisdom to be gained in recognizing and sensing all of nature. We begin to see the value of relationships - our relationship to self and then our relationship to all that is. It helps us to heal, have fun, relax, play, ponder. It inspires, nurtures, provides solutions and most importantly, helps us to understand our value, our worth, our connection to Source (our Creator) and our purpose in life.

Most of us become adults with a lot of baggage that was set up in our early years that affected our foundation, our root chakra. This is essential to heal and to continue to nourish throughout life. Nature is key to our well-being. It is our guide back to our own health and well-being - holistically - mind, body and soul. It is a symbiotic relationship. It is also chock full of gifts, gems, enjoyment and fulfillment. It inspires us to hook into our innate gifts and provide us the courage to step out fully expressed as our authentic self. So many gifts to enjoy as we reclaim our own gifts and learn to apply ourselves in meaningful fulfilling ways again.


With Nature Aligned Coaching, I help guide individuals back to the awareness to our connection to nature and how it helps us to unravel the past, heal the wounds, explore solutions, have fun and enjoy life, be rejuvenated, inspired to create and apply oneself connected to their heart and soul's yearning and be courageous to not play small, hide or dim their light anymore! 


It's time to realize how unique you are and that you matter!

To find out if Nature Aligned Coaching is right for you, I'd love to hear from you!  I offer a free 20min "It's Time to Shine Breakthrough Session" to get you started with turning up the dial on shining your light again. In that session, you will gain one step further towards "lightening up your path" towards your unique destiny.

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