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Messages Inspired by Nature

I'm a cell phone camera shutterbug. It makes me happy to go on long walks in nature stopping whenever something catches my eye to capture its beauty, expression or message.


Nature and all its inhabitants is my healer and inspires me greatly. It is also where I can connect with Source without distraction. Nature helps me to pause and listen for guidance as I let go of attachment to my thoughts.  Nature provides not only spectacular beauty but also wonderment, child-like glee and a deep respect for natural processes that provide wisdom and humility at the same time.  Nature replenishes and restores my soul's ability to hear, see, feel and receive comfort, direction, peace, joy and purpose from a Source greater than I, collective thought and man-made structures.

Animals provide an exchange of unconditional love, joy and laughter. They often are our best buddies; the ones that see us in our most raw forms and unfiltered masks.

MY GALLERY (may it inspire you)

Starburst Promise
Kitty smooching
Kitty and laundry
Lille, France
Vineyards on a Slope
Sailboats on Lake Zurich
Tree Hugging in Luzern
The Alps
Lake Zurich
Kitty looking up
Fall Moon
Almost Summer
Kitty in the Mirror
Fall Time
Iris My Case!
In Awe
Bianca Darling
Princess Peony
See Me!
Sweet Darlins
Purple Twins
Flock of Seagulls
Sunset Strollers
Undercurrent Reflections
Bold and Beautiful
Pink Blush
Sugar and Spice
Sultry Moon
Green Apple Delicious
Orange Highlights
Central Park in Spring
Lighted Sunset
Happy Trails
The Hills Are Alive!
Wise Elder
Sweet Purrs
Spring Fabulous
Color My World
Follow Hope
Winter Ice on Hudson River
Rye Playland Pier
Sunset Yummy
Rye Playland Boardwalk
Sunset Blues
Popcorn Ball
Dock Shadows
Steamboat Springs
Central Park Reservoir
Whitecliff Vineyard
Overlooking Sheep's Meadow
Tarrytown Lakes
Harriman State Park
Stone Barns
Golden Leaf
Rockefeller State Park
Fall at Wainwright House
Kent Pond
Spring in Rye
Tulips at Museum of Natural History
Nyack Beach State Park
Horse Love
Over the Vineyard Rainbow
St. Petersburg Beach
Triple Sun Sunset
Starship Sunset
Manhattan Skyline Dreams
Polar Poles
Sunset Pole
Fire in the Sky
Solitude with a Point
Twilight Labor
Blue Bonnets
Fall at Tarrytown Lakes
Winter Focus
Breakfast with Bears
Kent Pond
Smiley View
Journey to the Unknown
Purdy Butterfly
Bluebonnet close up
Tarrytown Lakes
Stone Barns in Fall
Vermont Highway Flyby
Von Trapp Lodge
Home Sweet Deer
Mysterious Over the Tappa Zee
Rainbow Promises from Our Porch
Sunset Peace
Central Park
Hot Summer Evening Glow
Harriman State Park
Stone Barns
Springtime Closeup
Gorgeous in Pink
Moo Cuteness
Milton Harbor
Tree Hugger
Pictures periodically added.
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