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Nature Is Your Friend

Nature is your friend. Whenever you are down, all you have to do is go outside and take a walk and you'll be reminded of how you have the power within to change your perspective. There is something about noticing how nature exists that helps us connect back to our place in the whole scheme of life. Whatever is worrying you, nature can help ease your weary head because it is patient, it is kind and it exists without any pretensions or hidden agendas towards your well-being. It just is - doing what it does. You can talk out loud and it will listen. You can cry, and it will listen. You can laugh and it will laugh with you. You can lay on the ground, hug a tree or skip along...and there it will be, by your side...simply reminding you that you are okay and that all you have to do is breathe, take pause and notice that you a part of a larger picture, so don't sweat the small stuff. Nature is your friend.

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