Below, are links to other organizations or individuals to explore that Soulistic Adventures resonates with. The amount of material that is out there is immense. Exploration is a fun way to educate ourselves and leads to discoveries which leads to forward movement which is progress. To explore is vital to learning from past mistakes, to uncover outdated ideas or traditions that no longer serve the Highest Good (or maybe never did, or did but don't now) with renewed inspiration to do, be or act differently. To never grow is unnatural. We also search when we are ready to find. Often, it's through pain when we dive into exploration. Whatever was the cause of the spark to ignite our curiosity is as individual as the many grains of sand on this Earth. Our desire to learn and grow appears on our personal journey as we align with our authentic nature.

Be excited about it. Be inspired by it. Be responsible and act upon it.

Enjoy your personal Soulistic Adventure!

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