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Soul Visions

My Photography

Soul Visions is a collection of photographs I've taken that inspired me with beauty, uniqueness, intrigue, humor, or cuteness.


Nature is my healer, inspires me greatly and is also where I can connect as close as possible to my belief system without distraction. It helps me to pause and listen for the truth I seek.  Nature provides not only spectacular beauty but also wonderment, child-like glee and a deep respect for natural processes that provide wisdom and humility at the same time.  Nature replenishes and restores my soul's ability to hear, see, feel and receive comfort, direction, peace, joy and purpose from a Source greater than I, collective thought and man-made structures. Animals provide an exchange of unconditional love, joy and laughter. They often are our best buddies; the ones that see us in our most raw forms and unfiltered masks.


(may it inspire you to heal and be motivated and move forward.)


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