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Need a unique experiential mindfulness workshop for a group that's also fun?

Hire me for your retreat, conference, event or ongoing schedule.

Groups include (not limited to):

schools, colleges, non-profits, churches, adult and assisted living,

corporate or family gatherings.

Need a one-on-one experience?  See Coaching         




Looking for laughter to heal, relieve stress, increase health and happiness, motivate or rejuvenate?

I can create a laughter workshop , breakout session, or lead a laughter yoga class for your group to increase health, healing, stress release, productivity, motivation and the joy factor.





Looking for a refreshing way to stimulate health, well-being, morale, movement and motivation?

A lover of nature and tree hugger, I like to walk and be in nature whenever I can to help nurture and heal my entire being - body, mind and soul. Nature increases awareness around our connection to what's important. Slows our chatter down so we can listen. I lead hikes that can include (or not) laughter, mindfulness and other inspirational topics while incorporating the beauty and healing qualities of nature into the experience.






Looking for physical activity to not only keep your body moving and reaping the physiological benefits, but to have FUN?


Fun, enjoyable and expressive activities increase your ability to stay active.  I lead mindful fun movement in the form of conscious dance and exercise that incorporates movement styles from fitness, mindfulness and dance disciplines. With a background in fitness training and leading group exercise classes, I create mindful movement workshops around dance, exercise, hula hooping and even the basics of dance rollerskating!




Workshop areas can be combined and include excursions.

Possibilities begin with a conversation.

Contact me today!

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