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I am a self-motivated, soul-seeker and over-thinker who created Soulistic Adventures ignited and driven by a desire to "figure life out", to "not allow personal defeat"  and to "have fun" along the way.  It's a platform to share my experiences and to help others, who can relate, with inspiration and encouragement to keep moving forward through life's boomerangs and transitions.  I feed this passion of "never giving up"  through organizing soul inspired adventures, coaching and sharing what inspires and motivates me to move forward while finding meaning and joy in life.  My perspective on life as an adventure has been influenced by constant change that I've experienced in work and life.  Numerous occasions of "starting overs" developed my sense of using these experiences as "adventures" to help me grow and heal rather than to keep me down and give up. This perspective on life builds resilience and continues to aid me in continuing a soul-driven purposeful path in life. I've explored, pursued, been derailed, but keep moving forward. The adventure is life.


"Perseverance is stubbornness with a purpose." - Josh Shipp

My Vision Board that created Soulistic Adventures.

Mindmapping to help strategize ideas.

About Linda Parker


Linda Parker, Chief Exploring Officer

Founder & Creator

Geographical adventures so far include living in 8 different cities and states. I have a blend of work adventures including corporate experience supporting C-Level management in a wide variety of industries (entertainment, law, publishing, hospitality, glamour, financial, retail and manufacturing); fitness and health as a personal trainer, holistic health coach, laughter leader and group fitness instructor (The Nia Technique and HoopnoticaFit); and non-profit, coordinating, managing and directing programs. Companies and organizations have included Warner Bros. Studios, Revlon, NBC Television, Walt Disney Studios, The Limited, Inc, Singer Sewing Company, Fairchild Publications, Wainwright House, JCC in Manhattan and Town Sports International, just to name a few. I've taught fitness programs at senior citizen centers, a wholeness and spa center, a hospital rehab, commercial and corporate gyms and privately.  These many adventures developed my holistic approach and perspective towards wellness, personal growth and spiritual development exploration in order to (a) remain a positive person, (b) restructure my life according to truths I unearth and (c) to figure out and piece together the person I am meant to be and show up in this world to contribute moving energy in a positive, loving, healing way.

​​Fun Stuff
I'm a Central Park Dance Skater in New York City and a former competitive gymnast in my younger years. I adore and respect nature and animals. I'm a tree hugger. I'm Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball silly (it balances the serious philosophical side).  I'm open to schools of thought and love philosophical discussions and thinking outside the box. I choreograph big productions in my head to enjoy bringing others into the dance with me - and to laugh while doing so. I self-entertain myself when bored. Favorite landscape is high mountain peaks with lakes. I'm a life-long adventurer to understand the meaning of life and to do the work to unravel my best self.


I currently live in Westchester County, NY along the Hudson River in Tarrytown with my husband and two smart, adventurous felines. We are blessed to live near lots of nature, yet still close to the center of culture and creativity of New York City where we met dance rollerskating in Central Park when we both lived in the city. You can still find us dance skating on weekends during April through October when the DJ is rocking the "skaters row" dance circle near the 72nd Street transverse/bandshell area. We both love nature, spontaneous trips, meeting new people and exploring all that life has to offer.

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