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I am Linda Parker, founder and individual who has been on a life-long soulistic adventure of my own to heal my inner wounds and uncover my authentic self. I am an expert of not giving up, doing the work and moving forward despite setbacks and I'm passionate about inspiring, encouraging and guiding others to stay on their path.


We all have a story. We all also have a responsibility to take ownership of our lives and to do the work to unravel the problem areas of pain that keep us from being our authentic self.

BUT not everyone is self-guided or motivated and it is easy to slide back without support and that is why Soulistic Adventures was created to support individuals to keep going!

Coupled with my own life's experiences on this path, I bring my background and experience in business support administration, holistic programming and coordination, holistic health and fitness trainer and coach, fun excursion seeker, nature lover, laughter leader, dance instructor, with mindset matters and spiritually aligned intent and intuition.

Soulistic Adventures offers fun yet meaningful ways to connect back to one's heart and soul through the process of reconnecting to one's authentic self  through:

* Light-Aligned Empowerment Coaching

* Movement, Laugher & Nature Programs

* Light-Aligned Journeywomen Facebook Group

Soulistic Adventures Sounds

*Inspirational Products

* Online Self-Guided Courses (coming soon)


To your adventure

Note from Linda


Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass


Our mission is to facilitate self-leadership by providing tools, encouragement, inspiration and experiences that support the journey of returning to one's authentic self.

We are for the person who is awake and aware that there is more to our existence and desires to take responsibility by first understanding and owning who they really are.



Our vision is to help raise the level of consciousness on our planet by increasing the number of individuals that are leading in alignment with their higher self.

Dandelion Leaves

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Tarrytown, New York 10591 |  Tel: 917-774-6035

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