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Unplug and reconnect with what matters.
Nature helps me heal and restore. It's one of my favorite self-healing modalities and why I encourage others to reconnect to this valuable resource. By connecting to natural rhythms, we connect back to our own that has been lost by too many outside influences. Nature doesn't lie. It will teach us to listen to the right messages - a path that brings us each back to our own personal and universal truths.
Nature awakens sensations and restores peace of mind, body and spirit. It is essential to our well-being. By understanding the importance of our connection, we also become stewards to maintaining these vital sacred spaces. 
With me as your guide, I motivate you to "get outside" and reconnect to the benefits of  immersing yourself in the child-like glee of walking amongst the trees. 
Services Available:
  • Individual Nature Hikes
  • Group Nature Hikes

  • Laughter Hikes (see Laughter Yoga)
  • Mindfulness Hike
  • Get Your Senses Back Hike
  • Picture Taking Hike
Explore, unwind and restore as nature nurtures your entire being.


  • Rockefeller State Park Preserve

  • Kensico Dam & Other Westchester County Nature Preserves

  • Various Hudson Rivertown Parks

  • Upstate New York

  • Harriman State Park

  • Central Park (NYC)

  • Riverside Park (NYC)

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