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B.A., Holistic Health Coach

About Linda

Linda Parker, Chief Exploring Officer

Founder & Creator

I have always been someone who has searched for meaning and purpose as I sensed there had to be more than the day to day. I started out tumbling as a gymnast but my life has been full of tumbling and it has been this continuous tumbling that has lead me to the creation of Soulistic Adventures. 

Realizing personal responsibility, I have been on a path for years of self-discovery, healing and spiritual awakening and I enjoy sharing and inspiring others to seek, discover and play as a way to rediscover their joy and to never give up on their own path either. Nature, laughter and movement are at my core.


My life's experience to date includes living in 8 different states, years of working in the corporate world for a wide variety of industries - from major corporations like Disney and Revlon - to small local businesses and non-profit. I have a fitness/wellness background with a B.A. in Exercise Science, and worked as a certified personal trainer, certified Holistic Health Coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition), Nia Technique®,  HoopnoticaFit, Senior Fitness Instructor and Laughter Yoga Leader. I was a competitive all-around gymnast in my younger years and love to dance, including dance rollerskating which I have done with the Central Park Dance Skaters for over 23 years (and is where I met my husband).

I have a silly bone, love nature & animals, taking tons of nature photos (and I have a selfie problem - but often they are funny- or I think so - ha!) and spontaneous excursions to have fun and see something new.


I've lived all over the country but have resided in the New York City Metro area including living in Manhattan and Westchester County since 1994. I currently live in a beautify rivertown along the Hudson River in Westchester County with my husband and two smart, loveable adventurous felines. 

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