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Use this guide to align with joy and fulfillment & start owning your authentic self now!

Out of touch with yourself, the world and floundering as you try to navigate in a rapidly changing and transformational time? Have you suffered multiple setbacks and frustrations and need to get ahead and be happier, but can't quite reconnect with joy?
It's time to align yourself with your authentic nature; your true self. What better way to do so than by having fun reconnecting to who you are! 

Are you ready for the adventure?
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Align With Your Authentic Nature

Our mission is to be an uplifting positive force in the midst of transitional times by providing opportunities to regain health and wellbeing through mindful fun experiences that support and foster personal awareness, healing and growth.

Our vision is help transform the way we work and live to be in alignment with who we are and in support of the well-being and highest good of all life on our planet.


Meet the Founder

"Life is meant to be lived in alignment with our authentic nature and in relationship to actions that support the highest good."


I am an explorer, creative, deep thinker and silly person. I  consider my own life as a soulistic adventure because it has been from childhood. My life's adventures have led me down a path of healing, self-discovery, personal development and growth, mindfulness and spiritual exploration all to assist me with my own alignment. It is my desire to help others along the same path in order to help move our world into a direction of a higher state of consciousness - one that respects all life and knows how to take part in living a meaningful life.

Linda Parker, Chief Exploring Officer

What We Do


Our goal is to help individuals transform through transitional times. To arrive at a new place in their life with a new presence of being and serving in this world. We help this process by offering mindfully aligned fun programs and courses that enable healing, fun and exploration to be experienced that allows opportunities to let go, explore and reawaken awareness around what matters most and how to apply themselves with a foundation built upon strength, empowerment and nourishment of what it entails to live mindfully aligned with their authentic nature.

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Exploring Nature






"Words cannot express the overall effect it has on me. Just want to let you know how grateful I am and for being the incredible positive spirit that you are.

—  Danielle S., Student

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