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Light up your Soul


Use this guide to start aligning with your authentic self today!


Tired of Your Old Self?

It's time to align with your authentic self.

The journey back to uncovering your true nature starts from becoming more aware of your inner world. It's a journey that involves self-responsibility, letting go, healing, opening your mind, commitment, perseverence, and the willingness to be courageous.

The journey is solo but it also needs the support of like-minded souls.

Soulistic Adventures supports the aware seeker who is ready to initiate this journey or needs support for a journey one has already been on for awhile but is needing "something else" to continue their path.

The journey to one's authentic self is a meaningful adventure with ups and downs and sideways turns, but also one that can be joyful and fun in the process. It is a solo inner journey, but linking up with like-minded souls is also important.

Soulistic Adventures is about bringing meaningful fun to this journey and invites you to join for support, community, progress and of course, ADVENTURES! 

How to
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ate Facebook Group, Light-Aligned Journeywomen and help to grow this community of like-minded souls that is in your corner to support your goal of rising to your potential as your authentic self. 

No more wasting time! 


Meet the Founder

"Life is meant to be lived in alignment with our authentic nature and in relationship to actions that support the highest good."


I am an explorer, creative, deep thinker and silly person who strives to live and share with others how to seek the good in every experience, even when it totally sucks and especially when it chips away from a person's highest potential. 


I do this because I've had plenty of experience in the pain that has dismantled foundations and self-sabotaged my worth. I feel your pain and understand it and I don't ever want anyone to show up less than their beautiful true spirit and owning it! 

In my early 20s, I set sail on an ever-awakening journey to unravel and reveal my true essence. Life has been a "soulistic adventure" to assist with personal healing and restoration, spiritual growth, personal development and discovery.


My journey has prepped me to share my gifts with you in in support of staying on the course to become your authentic self. To reclaim ownership of self by restoring self-love and self-worth and developing the courage to stand strong in your true authentic self because when we all stand in our truth, we become unstoppable in uplifting our world towards the highest good for all!

Linda Parker, Chief Exploring Officer

What We Do


Our goal is to help individuals transform through transitional times - letting go of one's old self to become one's authentic self and as a result, feel happier, more fulfilled, joyful, and empowered to create a life they stop dreaming about but actually live. We help this process by passing along and offering mindfully aligned uplifting and fun programs with opportunities to let go, explore and reawaken awareness around how we each can take a new approach of ownership in creating our best lives and have a whole lot of fun doing so!

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Exploring Nature




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The Stars

ONLINE COURSES (coming soon)


What We Do
Meet the Founder


"Words cannot express the overall effect it has on me. Just want to let you know how grateful I am and for being the incredible positive spirit that you are.

—  Danielle S., Student

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Light up your Soul


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